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Web & Email Hosting

Helping Hand PC offers affordable Web hosting for small businesses and advanced home users. Our Web server comes with standard services of more expensive hosting plans, including PHP, Perl and MySQL access.

Spam & Virus Email Filtering

Helping Hand PC maintains a Barracuda spam & virus firewall that provides an effective defense against unwanted and dangerous email messages. This service is provided with our Web and email hosting packages but can also be applied separately to your own existing email hosting.

Domain Name Registration

If you are looking to create a new presence for yourself on the Web, you'll need a domain name. Helping Hand PC can work with you to select a name that is appropriate, memorable, easy to type and most important, available for registration. We can also register it for you and manage the renewal fees so that your domain can't be stolen or be unintentionally released from your possession.

Website Consulting

The Web developers at Helping Hand PC Services can offer you valuable information about making your site fast and functional, easily maintained and easy for visitors to use. We can help ensure your website gives you a great return on your investment.

Website Design & Development

Once you're ready to implement your vision, Helping Hand PC can help you realize your goals. We can construct and build fully standards-compliant websites that include any level of dynamic content.

Graphic Design

Helping Hand PC can also help you with your graphic design needs. From logos and branding to Web graphics and image replication, Helping Hand's graphic designers are ready to help you.

Usability & Accessibility Assessments

Concerned that your existing site isn't doing your business the justice it deserves? Helping Hand PC can help you assess both the positive and negative aspects of your site and make suggestions to improve your visibility on the major search engines, determine how easy your site is to use and navigate, and make sure you're delivering the right message to your visitors.

Custom Web Applications

Do you need an employee portal where your staff can collect and share information? Do you want to start a blog to keep in touch with your customers? Are you thinking about adding an advanced feature to your website to gather better feedback from your customers? All of these things, and many you might not even have known were possible, are within reach with Helping Hand PC. We can provide you with the technical skills to turn your website into a robust Web application.

Web Projects

We at Helping Hand are pleased to offer Web development services to our clients—just one more point of differentiation between us and our competition. We are proud to help our clients improve their online presence and attract new customers, and proud to share the websites we've created with our other clients, as well.

Top Tech Support

Helping Hand PC provides customers with innovative technology and computer solutions. You can count on us to get you up and running, and to be there for you when any new problems arise.

Whether you're running a business or running computers at home, our trained professionals will be happy to meet with you one-on-one to assess your needs, and solve any problems you're having with your computers, Internet, software, and more!